• 20April
    In the bar card of network of FORNETTO cafe pizzerias – the new section Summer Drinks! Details
    Il FORNO Group bar manager Oleg Kashin developed a series of summer exclusive drinks which not only perfectly refresh, but also load with vitamins, energy and excellent mood! In a palette of tastes smoothies with raspberry (309 rubles) and with an unusual combination of pineapple to a sorrel (329 rubles) are presented. Juicy tea with a pear and elder (299 rubles) and also more traditional tea with sweet cherry (299 rubles) is offered to fans of cold tea.
  • 04April
  • 12March
    On March 12 in FORNETTO on Timur Frunze the two-week gastronomic Moscow Restaurant Week festival starts! Manage to try special dishes with grain! The Moscow Restaurant Week festival will last till March 25. Details
    This year the festival is devoted to grain, and the FORNETTO brand chief Andrey Ivanov represents five original dishes "with grain at the head". Each dish of the festival menu are unexpected interesting combinations and the real gastronomic opening! Salad from a kino, a cucumber, cashew nutlets, egg plows also meat sauce (369 rub) not only will surprise you with unusual taste, but also will present a charge of cheerfulness and energy. The baked vegetables soup on coconut water with the Italian emmer wheat and seafood (489 rub) for certain will be pleasant to fans of both Asian, and Mediterranean kitchen. As a hot dish try rye talyolin in saffron-yellow sauce with beef (619 rub) or a saute with seafood (509 rub). Also don't refuse to yourself a cup of tea or coffee, by all means with corn and pistachio cake with lemon cream (429 rub) – it will put the final end to a lunch, without burdening you with excess calories.

Other news

  • To be transferred to Italy, without leaving Moscow anywhere? There is nothing more simply! You come to a summer verandah of Limonchino restaurant which is the real Italian court yard.
    Here it is always cozy, conveniently and very beautifully! In any weather the pleasant cool reigns, the sliding roof reliably protects from a rain and too hot sun, fresh flowers and abundance of greens create romantic mood. The summer verandah goes well for business meetings and rest in the company of friends, family lunches in the day off and slow dinners after the working day. You will always find classical dishes of the Italian and Mediterranean cuisine, pizza from the wood furnace in the Limonchino menu, house paste with different sauces, easy soups and the vegetables and seafood salads refreshing desserts and lemonades. We remind that on weekdays from 11:00 till 17:00 o'clock the 20% discount for the main menu works. Close
  • At the beginning of May il FORNO restaurants on Kutuzovsky Avenue and on Neglinnaya to the street have opened summer spaces for guests.
    From the big updated verandah on Kutuzovsky the picturesque view of Moskva River Embankment, the White House and Moscow City opens. In this season here again there were convenient tables made according to individual sketches of a tree and decorated with stone inserts of rocks. Easy chairs and comfortable sofas dispose to long rest, turquoise and light gray colors of an interior, baskets with juicy vegetables and fruit give to freshness to hot sunny days. Bright plants on a verandah protect guests from city bustle. In total the summer space on Kutuzovsky contains 66 seats. In il FORNO on Neglinnaya the summer platform is two cozy little tables in the European style. Before visit of restaurant it is possible to walk on the downtown, to meet friends, and it is more convenient to get a job in the restaurant in the fresh air and to order drinks from the new bar offer, classical cocktails and ice cream, dishes on the company from the seasonal menu. Feel the true taste of summer in Italian in il FORNO. Close
  • The bar card of Burger&Pizzetta restaurants on Big Nikitskaya and in Evropeysky shopping Center (il FORNO Group) was replenished with the new soft drinks especially relevant in anticipation of a long-awaited summer season.
    In total the chief bartender Oleg Kashin presented 4 novelties. For example, it is possible to enjoy a glass of the refreshing home-made lemonade made on the basis of a mix from fruit purees and freshly squeezed juice for only 330 rub. The combination of mango and passion fruit will be pleasant to fans of tropical tastes, and to judges of seasonal berry classics suggest to stop the choice on bilberry lemonade. Dense smoothies from the section "Vitamin Bombs" by tradition serve to Burger&Pizzetta in original glass glasses flasks. Among novelties – raspberry cranberry and Bloody Mary smoothie detox toning smoothie (on 390 rub everyone). Unlike the alcoholic cocktail of the same name, the original detox "Bloody Mary" is cooked on the basis of tomato pulp and juice with addition of lemon juice, spices and hot sauce of tabasco. Close
  • In the restaurants il FORNO and "FORMO Group" (il FORNO Group) appeared 7 dishes with the first spring mushrooms - morels.
    The aroma and special taste of morels ideally opens in paste - the chefs offer pappardelle with morels in creamy sauce (799 rubles). Pizza with morels, mozzarella, gorgonzola, tomatoes and salami picante (899 rubles.) Is traditionally cooked in the oven, and a dorado with young potatoes and morels (1399 rubles.) - on the grill. Thick mushroom sauce is served with a juicy steak fillet mignon and vegetables (2,199 rubles), salad with shrimps and morels dressed with fresh lemon-tomato sauce (1299 rubles.). Also with seasonal morels in restaurants il FORNO and "Limonchino" you can order a portion of young potatoes (559 rubles.) Or buckwheat porridge (759 rubles.). Close
  • On the eve of warm sunny days in the network of Italian restaurants, il FORNO launched a seasonal menu with soft drinks.
    Among the novelties the chief barman Oleg Kashin presented useful refreshing lemonades and fruit and berry smoothies. Homemade lemonades, cooked on the basis of fruit purees, are ideal for charging vivacity during the day. For example, a pineapple with basil will be remembered by fresh exotic combination of ingredients, and connoisseurs of classics in il FORNO are invited to pay attention to sour-sweet lemonade with blueberries and black currant. A glass of lemonade 0.33 liters. costs 379 rubles., a jug of 1 liter. - 899 rubles. Also in the menu appeared two types of thick vitamin smoothies at 399 rubles. each. Berry, as the name suggests, is a mix of blueberry, blackcurrant and raspberry puree with the addition of fresh pineapple and banana. And the basis of tropical smoothies is passion fruit, pineapple, banana, orange fresh and mint. Close
  • Live broadcasts of the most important sports events in Craft Kitchen in April!
    Schedule of broadcastings: Monday.23.04. 19:25. Spartak-Akhmat. Tuesday.24.04. 19:55. Hockey of CSKA-Akbars. Cup-final of Gagarin. Thursday.26.04. 18:30. Hockey. Akbars-CSKA. Cup-final of Gagarin. Saturday.28.04. 17:00. Hockey. Sweden-Russia. 21:40. Inter Juventus. Championship of Italy. Sunday.29.04. 12:55. Hockey. Russia-Czech Republic. 15:55. Zenit CSKA. 18:25. Manchester United-arsenal. Championship of England. Close

Italian restaurant, pizzeria

FORNETTO - is a fashionable pizza restaurant with home Italian cuisine.

According to the mood and atmosphere - it is a youth restaurant project - noisy, cheerful, democratic and stylish in European way.

Interior of FORNETTO pizzerias is performed in loft style: brick walls, lamps, looking like old lanterns, cozy vintage furniture, columns, vent-ducts, exposed wiring, soft lightning - create original stylish atmosphere.

In FORNETTO you have a chance to taste authentic Italian thin pizza, made in the wooden stove. The range of pizzas is really vast - there are about twenty kinds of pizzas. According to the wish of the visitors any pizza may be made at the rye dough. Beside the pizza, we make amphasize at pasta, rizotto and other famous Italian dishes. Besides, it should be notices that all desserts are self-made.

Pizza acrobatics show and school of youg pizzaiolo may become unforgetable for our visitors. Cooks will help our young visitors to aquire the knowledge of pizza-making and then, the authors will enjoy self-made pizzas together with their parents.

Democratic costs for the menu, home breakfasts, cozy atmosphere - all of these ideally suits for business meetings, family holidays, romantic dates, cheerful companies. Everybody will feel comfortable here, listening to the world famous hits of Italian music.

• Home breakfasts since 8.00 on weekdays (and at Timur Frunze you may enjoy them also on weekends since 11.00 a.m.)

• Free delivery

• Home cuisine

• Wi-Fi area

Open your own FORNETTO restaurant!

If you want to open a restaurant of the same name, we invite you to collaborate! We will provide you: right to use our brand and working experience, concept of the restaurant, designer’s interior solution, gastronomic peculiarities of the cuisine, well-established reputation and status.

FORNETTO restaurants of home Italian cuisine - is a youth, democratic and fashionable project. First FORNETTO restaurant at Timur Frinze st. was opened in the end of 2011, in spring 2013 FORNETTO City in the Tower at the embankment appeared. And we are planing to open new FORNETTO restaurants.

Among the other characteristic features of our restaurants, we should emphasize a wooden stove, which is located directly in the hall, and our visitor may see how pizzas and other dishes, cooked in the stove, are being prepared. Besides FORNETTO may offer you varied Italian dishes, including salads, pasta, meat and fish dishes, home desserts.

FORNETTO restaurants are meant for socially active people, who value their time and got used to the tasty food. For our visitors we provide home breakfasts in the morning, seasonal offers and we regularly renew our menu.

Besides in our restaurants you may enjoy pizza acrobatics show, and children will be taught how to make pizza in special school of young pizzaiolo.

FORNETTO restaurants have many regular visitors, whose love was gained due to the wonderful Italian cuisine at democratic prices, cozy atmosphere and high quality servicing.

Concerning the collaboration, please, contact us, to the attention of Sergey Serenkov, General manager of FORNETTO restaurants.


Timur Frunze st., 11, bld 2 8 (495)788 40 84

Working hours: On weekdays 10.00 a.m.-00.00 p.m. On weekends 11.00 a.m.-00.00 p.m.

Presnenskaya emb., 10, block С 8 (499)272 33 23

Working hours: On weekdays 10.00 a.m.-00.00 p.m. Breakfasts on weekdays 8.00 a.m.-11.00 a.m.

ТС Мetropolic, Leningrad Highway 16A, page 4, 3rd floor 8 (495)799 19 17

Working hours: 10.00 a.m.-00.00 p.m.

Kuntsevo Plaza, Yartsevskaya st. 19 8 (495)799 22 79

Working hours: 9.00 - 22.00