• 12January
    New positions in the FORNETTO menu harmoniously combine the Italian classics and interesting author's "accents" from the chef Andrey Ivanov. And what is important, all these dishes perfectly are suitable for our winter when there is a wish "more hotly"! Details
    So, we begin with snack. The baked eggplant with tomatoes and cheese of a strachatell (569 rub) surely will be pleasant to fans of vegetable dishes and will become the excellent introduction to fragrant borsch with beef and sour cream (359 rub) which is offered as first course. Further recommend to admirers of fish c "fetuchin" cod fillet from zucchini (619 rub). Four novelties are presented to categories of hot meat dishes: spaghetti in a naval way with stewed mutton (599 rub), fetuchin from lamb stew and baked vegetables (599 rub), a gentle veal cheek with a potato funduchnym of mashed potatoes (699 rub) and beef sirloin with a potato slice and mushrooms sauce (799 rub). Novelties appeared also in the most popular section of the menu. Yes, you already guessed – in FORNETTO new pizza! Taste Byakini pizza with Parma, ham, strachatelly arugula and cheese mozzarella (599 rub) and pizza with a mortadella, cheese mozzarella and fior-di-latte, pistachios (579 rub). New pizzas, as well as any pizza from the FORNETTO menu (and their more than 25!) can be cooked on rye dough (+ 79 rub). Don't forget about coffee, tea and desserts! Especially as and here cooked for you interesting novelties: a coffee souffle with a filbert and prunes (359 rub) and apple татин with a ball of ginger ice cream (329 rub).
  • 05December
    Chef cafe-pizzeria FORNETTO Andrey Ivanov has developed a seasonal menu of dishes with porcini mushrooms, which you will find interesting dishes. White mushrooms, which don't need separate representation, are offered both in the traditional combinations (with potatoes) and "very unusual company," (with shrimp). To make a choice is not easy and really want to try everything! Details
    Start lunch or dinner with the best salad "Parma" (589 rubles), in which the basis is a classic combination of mushrooms and vegetables. The vegetables are oven baked and maximally preserve all the vitamins, which we lack in the winter! As hot snacks offers crispy arancini with porcini mushrooms (399 rubles). Arancini is not very famous dish of Sicilian cuisine, is fried rice balls with filling. In form and color they resemble an orange — have an uplifting snack! Arancini served with tomato salsa, which perfectly sets off the taste of mushrooms makes the dish spicy. Excellent company arancini is a fragrant soup of roasted pumpkin with mushrooms and sun-dried tomatoes (359 rubles). Light and delicate soup perfectly warms in cold weather! As the second course offers roasted cherry potatoes with porcini mushrooms and shavings of cheese (399 rubles), a ragout of porcini mushrooms, shrimp and artichokes (539 rubles), gnocchi with porcini mushrooms, Parmesan and sage (429 rubles) and lasagna Mare a Monte with mushrooms and shrimp (689 rubles). Each dish is a wonderful combination of Italian and Russian gastronomic traditions. We are waiting for you in the FORNETTO!
  • 27July
    Tasty and useful, bright and beautiful, chanterelle mushrooms give us taste and mood of summer! The chef of FORNETTO network Andrey Ivanov offers the new interesting seasonal menu in which you will find both classical, and original gastronomic combinations. Details
    It is possible to begin a lunch with arugula, chanterelles and cheese salad a skamortion (449 rubles). As snack taste bruschetta with chanterelles and cheese cream (299 rubles) — it is good as an independent dish or as addition to soup to the minestrena (it too with chanterelles, of course!) (289 rubles). On hot the lasagna with chanterelles in bechamel sauce (499 rubles) is offered, to risotto with chanterelles and a salmon on a grill (599 rubles), beef sirloin with chanterelles and tomatoes of concasse (799 rubles). As a garnish or an independent vegetarian dish fragrant potatoes of cherry with chanterelles (329 rubles) are recommended. And of course, pizza! With chanterelles and spinach — very easy and very tasty (659 rubles).

Other news

  • In a gastropaba of Craft Kitchen long-awaited lunches have appeared. Now on weekdays from 12:00 till 16:00 favourite dishes can be ordered at the favorable discount price of 20%.
    The lunch discount extends to 30 dishes of the main menu which range will constantly change. This winter the chef suggests to begin a lunch with fragrant mushroom cream cheese soup (360 rub). As a main course recommend to order potatoes, mushrooms, truffle oil and smoked sour cream dumplings (336 rub), meatballs from chicken with fresh tomatoes sauce (440 rub), sausages from a lamb with pickled red cabbage and mustard sauce (440 rub) here. In Craft Kitchen for lunch offer those who prefers fish and seafood a squid on a grill with bulgury and sauce of a marinar (408 rub), fish cutlet with spinach and tartare sauce (536 rub), a pike perch on a grill with the Japanese rice (576 rub). Among snack in a special offer: carpaccio from beef (352 rub), hash browns from potatoes and zucchini with sour cream (216 rub); the crackling eggs with cheese cream (296 rub) and not only. Monday through Friday 20% the discount extends also to desserts: pumpkin vanilla ice cream and honey pie (224 rub), bilberry panna cotta (224 rub) and chocolate fountain (280 rub). * all prices are specified at a discount. Close
  • In anticipation of 2018 the Burger&Pizzetta project was beyond shopping center and has opened the doors in the heart of the capital, in the historical building of the 18th century on Bolshaya Nikitskaya Street.
    In kitchen of new restaurant is still a patron Hit Shabani responsible for the menu of the first Burger&Pizzetta into Evropeysky shopping Center. Here 14 types of specialty burgers on rolls бриошь, 9 various пиццетт on thin crust with air magnificent edge, soups, hot dishes and snack in the best traditions of smart comfort food are presented. In the menu there are a lot of vegetarian options: pumpkin hummus and apple salad (320 rub), the cauliflower (320 rub) baked with miso paste, focaccia with hummus (290 rub), sweet sweet potato cream soup (270 rub) and not only. In the nearest future plan start of early breakfasts. In the bar card: 6 useful vitamin bombs on the basis of vegetables and fruit (on 390 rub), a boom a coffee boom with condensed milk (190 rub), the expanded range of wine at the democratic prices and a wide choice of classical cocktails in not dull giving. On Big Nikitskaya the architect Maria Zhukova together with the co-owner of il FORNO Group Heinrich Karpin developed new interior decisions for Burger&Pizzetta. This time in space shades of pink marble and a blue velvet dominate. On walls from the remains of newspapers and wall-paper of Soviet period placed bright neon inscriptions, on ceilings hung up the classical gold chandeliers creating cozy lighting. Furniture especially for restaurant was made at factory in Valencia. The quantity of seats inside – 70, will be earned by a verandah in the spring. Close
  • This winter the chef of a gastropab of Craft Kitchen Alexander Borzenko suggests guests to be warmed by tasty useful soups.
    In total 5 soups are presented in the Craft Kitchen menu, each of which is worthy special attention. For example, new chicken soup, a lotus root, plum noodles and oyster mushrooms (400 rub) and also juicy tom yum with squids, shrimps, mushrooms of shiitake and the Indonesian galangal (490 rub) will surely be to the taste to judges of Asian accents. From a sorrel the chef adds smoked sour cream and egg to rich soup plows (320 rub), and in fragrant mushroom soup - cream cheese (450 rub). But the main hit in the section of Craft Kitchen soups – dense German Linseneintopf on chicken broth with lentil, sausages from beef and vegetables (350 rub). Will keep the ideal company to it брецель with coarse sea salt and spicy mustard (200 rub / 1 pieces), cooked according to the traditional recipe. Close
  • The chief bartender of the Italian restaurants il FORNO Oleg Kashin has presented 6 new warming drinks.
    By tradition in December in the bar il FORNO cards there was a section "Hot Cocktails" with mulled wines which cook with addition of a special mix of fragrant spices here. The section opens nonalcoholic mulled wine with cowberry, freshly squeezed juice from a citrus and honey (399 rub), bright sea-buckthorn and grapefruit mulled wine on white wine from sea-buckthorn puree (459 rub) and also saturated spicy blackcurrant mulled wine on red wine with honey (499 rub) follows further. And if weather in the capital doesn't bring festive mood, then these drinks, unambiguously, can correct a situation. The section "Not Tea Teas" was replenished with useful novelties among which there is an apple and cowberry tea with a thyme, cinnamon and honey (549 rub), feijoa apple tea with mint (549 rub) and the Crimean grass gathering (499 rub) with wild strawberry leaves, a thyme, a St. John's Wort and a dogrose. Drinks serve in glass teapots of 600 ml. Close
  • After the updated menu at Burger&Pizzetta restaurant have expanded the bar card, having offered guests three new warming drink for severe Moscow winter.
    The first novelty - the useful "not tea tea" of a feijoa with citruses (290 rub) having the deep toning taste. Drink is made on the basis of lemon juice with a mix from a feijoa, apples, by mints, cinnamon and honey. Traditional winter mulled wines are presented to Burger&Pizzetta in two variations this winter: with addition of alcohol and without. Mulled wine blackcurrant (400 rub) which is cooked with addition of red wine and the richest with vitamin C of berry, a useful citrus and cranberry drink will "more hotly" be to the taste to fans. As a part of nonalcoholic mulled wine (350 rub) – freshly squeezed juice from juicy oranges and grapefruit, house syrup with spices and a grenadine. It is possible to call all warming novelties due to their useful structure safely winter "vitamin bombs". Close
  • Since December 5, 2017 il FORNO Group start delivery from a gastropab of Craft Kitchen through a uniform mobile application of holding.
    To the order home and in office all dishes of the main menu, including Bao on steam rice rolls, фиш&чипс from a seabass in a beer batter, 6 specialty fresh salads, 3 species of shrimps, soups, meat dishes, various snack, delicacies to beer will be available and not only. Through the application it will be possible to order 16 grades of draft beer and the majority of the bottle positions presented at restaurant. The minimum order value will be 1500 rub with accounting of a discount of Craft Kitchen, delivery time – of 60 minutes. Also orders are taken by the main phone of restaurant (in this case discounts don't work), through service FoofFox and the Catery service. The orders made through the application or by phone are delivered within the Third transport ring. The il FORNO Group application is available to downloading in App Store and Google Play. Advantages to users: free shipping, convenient formation of the order, preservation of history, a discount and bonuses, isn't present need of registration. The delivery service works daily from 11:00 till 22:00. * The constant of 10% a discount at the order through a mobile application increases to 20% at each following order within 7 days. ** The discount of 20% which affects also each following order within 7 days is provided to new users at the first order. Google Play: id=com.aregama.ilforno App Store: ls=1&mt=8 Close

Italian restaurant, pizzeria

FORNETTO - is a fashionable pizza restaurant with home Italian cuisine.

According to the mood and atmosphere - it is a youth restaurant project - noisy, cheerful, democratic and stylish in European way.

Interior of FORNETTO pizzerias is performed in loft style: brick walls, lamps, looking like old lanterns, cozy vintage furniture, columns, vent-ducts, exposed wiring, soft lightning - create original stylish atmosphere.

In FORNETTO you have a chance to taste authentic Italian thin pizza, made in the wooden stove. The range of pizzas is really vast - there are about twenty kinds of pizzas. According to the wish of the visitors any pizza may be made at the rye dough. Beside the pizza, we make amphasize at pasta, rizotto and other famous Italian dishes. Besides, it should be notices that all desserts are self-made.

Pizza acrobatics show and school of youg pizzaiolo may become unforgetable for our visitors. Cooks will help our young visitors to aquire the knowledge of pizza-making and then, the authors will enjoy self-made pizzas together with their parents.

Democratic costs for the menu, home breakfasts, cozy atmosphere - all of these ideally suits for business meetings, family holidays, romantic dates, cheerful companies. Everybody will feel comfortable here, listening to the world famous hits of Italian music.

• Home breakfasts since 8.00 on weekdays (and at Timur Frunze you may enjoy them also on weekends since 11.00 a.m.)

• Free delivery

• Home cuisine

• Wi-Fi area

Open your own FORNETTO restaurant!

If you want to open a restaurant of the same name, we invite you to collaborate! We will provide you: right to use our brand and working experience, concept of the restaurant, designer’s interior solution, gastronomic peculiarities of the cuisine, well-established reputation and status.

FORNETTO restaurants of home Italian cuisine - is a youth, democratic and fashionable project. First FORNETTO restaurant at Timur Frinze st. was opened in the end of 2011, in spring 2013 FORNETTO City in the Tower at the embankment appeared. And we are planing to open new FORNETTO restaurants.

Among the other characteristic features of our restaurants, we should emphasize a wooden stove, which is located directly in the hall, and our visitor may see how pizzas and other dishes, cooked in the stove, are being prepared. Besides FORNETTO may offer you varied Italian dishes, including salads, pasta, meat and fish dishes, home desserts.

FORNETTO restaurants are meant for socially active people, who value their time and got used to the tasty food. For our visitors we provide home breakfasts in the morning, seasonal offers and we regularly renew our menu.

Besides in our restaurants you may enjoy pizza acrobatics show, and children will be taught how to make pizza in special school of young pizzaiolo.

FORNETTO restaurants have many regular visitors, whose love was gained due to the wonderful Italian cuisine at democratic prices, cozy atmosphere and high quality servicing.

Concerning the collaboration, please, contact us, to the attention of Sergey Serenkov, General manager of FORNETTO restaurants.


Timur Frunze st., 11, bld 2 8 (495)788 40 84

Working hours: On weekdays 10.00 a.m.-00.00 p.m. On weekends 11.00 a.m.-00.00 p.m.

Presnenskaya emb., 10, block С 8 (499)272 33 23

Working hours: On weekdays 10.00 a.m.-00.00 p.m. Breakfasts on weekdays 8.00 a.m.-11.00 a.m.

ТС Мetropolic, Leningrad Highway 16A, page 4, 3rd floor 8 (495)799 19 17

Working hours: 10.00 a.m.-00.00 p.m.

Kuntsevo Plaza, Yartsevskaya st. 19 8 (495)799 22 79

Working hours: 9.00 - 22.00